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KC-AERC to present at STEMtech
Mar 2017

KC-AERC researchers will present two papers related to their work for Science Pioneers and the KC STEM Alliance at the 2013 STEMtech Conference in Atlanta, GA on October 27-30, 2013.

KC-AERC in the Press: KCPTV Profiles Literacy Efforts
Mar 2017

KC-AERC’s Partnership with Turn the Page Kansas City Featured on The Local Show

KC-AERC to present at SREE fall conference
Mar 2017

September 26-28, 2013, Washington, D.C.

KC-AERC in the Press: Rury on School Security
Mar 2017

KC-AERC Interviewed in KCPT Piece on School Security

KC-AERC in the Press: Youth Flash Mobs in Brazil
Mar 2017

Recently, Sao Paulo, Brazil has been experiencing youth “rolezinhos” (strolls) in malls, similar to the flash mobs that occurred on the Country Club Plaza in 2011. Dr. J. Brian Houston (University of Missouri, Columbia) spoke to a BBC reporter about the work on this issue in Kansas City.

Feb 2017

After mounting a successful campaign to increase reading proficiency in Kansas City metro-area third graders, nonprofit organization Turn the Page KC discusses reading initiatives with Joe Robertson from the Kansas City Star.